Success Stories

We have helped scores of dentists clearly define their practice goals and identify steps to reach them. From setting the right fees to strategic planning to transition support, we have services to meet their needs at every phase of their careers.

Of course, we are always excited to hear just how much we have helped our clients – and we would love to share the good news with you too. Please read below for testimonials from some of our clients:




“Dental Practice Advisors is awesome! Key Performance Systems reports and information from DPA help us to understand the overall operation of the business and make good decisions. They do for the business side of the practice what continuing education does for the clinical side. The information is always presented in an easy-to-understand format.”

M.O.O., DDS and D.L.B., DDS
Manitowoc, WI
Dental Management Program (Practice Management)




“I cannot say enough about Dental Practice Advisors. They helped me navigate through the process of taking on an associate/partner, one of the most important phases of my practice. With their Practice Transition Support they helped me formulate my vision so that I could convey the soul and essence of the practice to potential associates, aided me in discovering if the candidates’ visions were aligned with mine, even assisted in finding an attorney with dental field experience. With a working document, organized with specific agendas and timelines, I felt comfortable and in control throughout the entire process.

That was only the beginning. Although I had a clear picture of my goals, I did not have the road map to reach them. Dental Practice Advisors guided me through all aspects of Strategic Planning, from identifying cornerstones, to branding and advertising, to hiring the right team members, to step-by-step action plans.

DPA’s understanding of the dental practice – along with their analytical, methodical, and practical approach – has proven invaluable. I highly recommend the experts at Dental Practice Advisors to anyone who wants to take their practice to the next level.”

West Allis, WI
Transition Support




“The Right Fee Solution™ is the best way to protect your profit when providing complex care dentistry. Too often the profit from rehabilitative care is erased due to the additional time, laboratory costs, and uncontrollable variables that occur before, during, and after the care process. The Right Fee Solution has been developed by complex care dentists who understand the nuances of rehabilitative care and dental CPAs who understand the financial challenges of sustaining profit. Shawn Mathys, CPA, and her team are masters at leading dentists through an analysis of their own complex care cases and supporting them through the entire process. The Right Fee Solution™ needs to be part of every rehabilitative treatment plan.”

Fee Strategy (Practice Management)




“As every dentist knows, there are many facets of a dental practice that need to function smoothly for the practice to be successful. Strategically evaluating and implementing these services requires great insight. Dental Practice Advisors offers the tools and resources to help me understand the business model most appropriate for my style of practice. The Vital Signs™ Update compares my practice’s performance from year to year, as well as to industry benchmarks. This knowledge is critical in making decisions to maintain a profitable and enjoyable practice.
Thanks, DPA!”

Shawano, WI
Practice Benchmarking (Practice Assessments)




“My dental practice was sold to a very high-quality dentist with a dental philosophy very similar to mine. This ensured that my patients’ needs would continue to be met in the same professional manner they were accustomed to. That seamless transition was very important to me. Throughout the process, DPA’s Practice Transition Support was invaluable. They helped to clearly define specific goals and expectations for the practice and for maintaining the level of patient care.

One of the key factors in the sale was the Vital Signs™ analysis done for me by Dental Practice Advisors. It helped me determine where my practice stood compared to other practices in the area. That helped the buyer make an informed decision, too. Vital Signs pointed out areas of strength in my practice as well as areas needing more attention. It is an extremely valuable tool, which I recommend both for young dentists just starting out as well as for established practices.

Thank you – I am smiling, and so is the new dentist!”

Sturgeon Bay, WI
Transition Support




“When we realized that our practice was not performing up to its potential, we had a Comprehensive Practice Exam performed by Dental Practice Advisors. The analysis was very revealing and insightful. DPA helped us better understand the business of dentistry and helped us modify our systems to achieve peak performance. Since that initial practice evaluation, we have utilized DPA’s other services to keep our practice finely tuned and operating at a consistently high level. Thank you for all you have done for our practice.”

Appleton, WI
Comprehensive Practice Exam (Practice Assessments)




“The Right Fee Solution™ was right for me in more ways than I ever could have imagined. Like a lot of general dentists, especially sole practitioners, I frequently wrestled with updating my fee schedule and with setting fees for large, comprehensive cases. As a result, fees were often determined without sufficient research, leading to decreased profitability. Dental Practice Advisors, through The Right Fee Solution™, was able to provide a systematic analysis of my practice and my costs (especially the often overlooked value of my time) to help me determine the true cost of providing high-quality treatment. This allowed me to charge a fee that appropriately compensates me for the value I provide. The tools they have developed, in addition to their large database of clients, have proven invaluable for me when determining my fee structure. If you’re facing similar issues in your practice, I highly recommend you seek the advice of Dental Practice Advisors. I’m confident that it will be The Right Fee Solution™ for you, too.”

Madison, WI
Fee Strategy (Practice Management)




“Dental Practice Advisors truly looks out for the financial health of our office. It’s a great relationship, and I feel like Ken and Shawn really know me, my family, our team, our goals, and our vision. In just our last two conversations, I feel we accomplished more than I did in many years with my previous advisors. I FINALLY feel like things are getting under control and I understand what is happening.

I now realize that working ON the practice may be the most important responsibility of all for a business owner. Thanks to Dental Practice Advisors, purchasing another practice went smoothly, and now that we’re getting our systems in place I feel confident that I can achieve my goals! We’re well on our way to being a well-managed and fiscally responsible practice. And for that I say thank you so much to Shawn and Ken. You’ve done so much for me, my family, and our practice.”

Stoughton, WI
Practice Management (Dental Management Program)




“DPA helped me land an associate-ship that was just right for me. After working for a corporate dental chain for about a year and a half, I decided to relocate and join my fiancé in Northern Illinois. After discussing what was important to me, Dental Practice Advisors identified several prospects for consideration – then thoroughly screened my number one choice to make sure it was a great fit. DPA really helped me understand the differences of the options available to me, so I could make the right decision.”

Rockford, IL
Practice Transition Support – Associate