SEMINAR: Creating Exceptional Patient Experiences

This seminar, presented by The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center® – the world renowned organization providing a unique learning experience in service excellence and culture transformation – will help you discover ways to differentiate your practice in a world of increasing competition and reduced fee dental plans.

Learn about the importance of personalized experiences that will surprise and delight your patients, generate word-of-mouth marketing and grow your practice.

This 1.5 day seminar includes the following workshop sections:

Day 1:  Excellence in The Patient Experience (DDS & Key Leadership Staff)

Day 2:  Part 1:  Memorable Customer Experience (DDS and All Staff)

Day 2:  Part 2:  Customer Service Reenergized (DDS and All Staff)

Day 3:  Part 3:  Debrief & Facilitation (DDS and All Staff)

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