What’s Your Brand?

Your practice’s brand is what comes to mind when your patients (and prospective patients) think of your practice and the treatment you provide. It is the emotional response that comes from any and all experiences associated with your practice. It starts with the ad they see in the local newspaper, to the entrance sign on your door, all the way through to the treatment follow-up instructions you hand them.

The key to building your brand is to make a well-thought decision on what you want that emotional response to be for your practice. Do you wish to portray a comfortable and inviting experience for the whole family? Are you striving to be known for cutting edge technology and procedures? Once you determine exactly what your desired response is, make a commitment to clearly and consistently present that message to your patients, prospective patients and the entire community. Ultimately, the branding process serves to answer the question “why should I choose this dentist over any other?”

Rolling out your brand to the public typically begins with crafting a logo that solidly represents you and your practice. From there, each piece of the marketing puzzle should be designed to work together in generating the experience you wish to create for your patients. Is the sign outside your building visible, inviting and pleasing to the eye? When a patient walks in the door, are they immediately greeted with a smiling face? Is the waiting room comfortable and inviting? In developing your brand, each of these factors is an important influence on the way people remember you and the treatment you provide. These factors, along with your identity materials (logo, website, letterhead, appointment cards, signage, forms, and the list goes on…) all work together in generating the experience you want to create for your patients, thus the true essence of your brand. Remember, the key is consistency!!

Call Wendy at DPA 920-593-7250 about building a branding strategy that establishes and maintains the reputation of your practice.

Continuing Education

Since 2013, Dental Practice Advisors has been a Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) provider. Becoming an Approved PACE Program Provider has significantly expanded the opportunity for DPA to provide educational courses eligible for continuing education (CE) credits for the dental communities relicensure requirements. Currently, the State of Wisconsin requires Dentists to obtain 30 CE credits and Hygienists to obtain 12 CE credits over 2 years to maintain their licensure. Over the next year, Dental Practice Advisors will utilize our own in-house expertise and partner with outside firms to provide non-clinical, business related CE throughout Wisconsin to assist the dental community to reach these goals.

Each year, DPA will request from the dental community, their opinions on what type of CE should be provided based on current trends and interests. This information will be discussed with our Advisory Committee, made up of dental professionals, to determine the topics that will be offered over the next year. These courses may come in the form of a one hour information session, a 4 hour workshop or even a full day seminar. Typically, one credit per hour will be awarded for courses without pre-work assigned.

Dental Practice Advisors is excited to add to the dental industry through education. Watch for your chance to provide input into our schedule of speaking events.

Marketing Tip: Google Yourself

Google your practice. What do you find? Do you like what you are seeing? Is the information out there accurate and sheds a positive light on your practice?

85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. Therefore, it’s essential that your practice is among one of the top listings for Google, Bing or other general search engines AND appears on the map.

Also be sure to claim the Google listing for your practice. That allows you and only you to maintain control of your listing and validates to search engines that your practice is legitimate.

Improve Team Effectiveness with DiSC®

At times, personality and behavioral style differences can get in the way of clear communication and achieving peak performance. Your team will work more effectively together if there is a framework for understanding these differences. DPA’s Team Effectiveness Assessment Suite is flexible and offers multiple ways to enhance self-awareness, teamwork and communication.

One of these tools is our Improving Team Effectiveness with DiSC® service. The DiSC® behavior model provides a framework for understanding individual behavioral styles and the styles of others. DiSC® is a personal on-line assessment process focusing on the understanding of your own behaviors, the behaviors of others and how to build more effective relationships within your team and with your patients. Jen, our DiSC® CERTIFIED trainer, can provide solutions to increase team effectiveness through a combination of on-line assessments, group training, and facilitated coaching sessions.

Consider the Improving Team Effectiveness with DiSC® service to help you:


  • Increase self-knowledge by discovering individual behavioral style
  • Discover similarities and differences among the behavioral styles of self and others
  • Quickly identify the behavior styles of others to ensure effective communication
  • Enhance communication within teams and with patients that have different behavioral styles
  • Foster constructive and creative team interactions
  • Facilitate better teamwork and minimize team conflict


Trust us to help you get the most out of your team!


Call Jen at 920-593-7250 for more information on how we can help improve your team effectiveness.

Hire and Retain the Best Team Members

It’s Monday morning and your Receptionist has given her two week notice. Although you are not exactly sad to see her leave, you have a slight flash of reality as you begin to think about the process you will go through to find a new, experienced, more team focused, process oriented, efficient, happy, well dressed, and above all, less dramatic team member. The process of finding the RIGHT team member can go from hiring your neighbor, who can start tomorrow, to the one that fits very well with your team and your practice’s brand. Overall, the process you use and the time you put into it, can set the stage for the future of your Practice.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), a bad hire can cost your business up to five times their current salary. Dental Practice Advisors can help find the right Associate, Assistant, Hygienist, Office Manager, or Front Desk staff to meet the needs of your business. We will work with you to attract, interview and secure the best possible candidate. Our involvement can range from coaching and consultation to a fully hands-on collaborative effort.

Once you have the right team in place, your focus turns to retention. Our Employee Retention strategies focus on lowering turnover, increasing engagement, and maintaining a highly motivated workforce.

Trust us to help you find your next team member!

Call Jen at 920-593-7250 for more information on how we can help!


DPA Attends “Leading at the Speed of Trust” Workshop

On February 4th, 2015, Dental Practice Advisors invited 4 area Office Managers to a complimentary workshop on Franklin Covey’s Leading at the Speed of Trust. This 4-hour training session along with lunch and networking featured the Author of the Book Leading at the Speed of Trust, Steven R. Covey. This group learned about how Trust can affect business results, the benefits of building trusting relationships and how to begin using the 123 Behaviors of Trust in a high speed environment like dentistry. To learn more about this topic, please contact Jen Valentine at Dental Practice Advisors.


Results Released for 2014 Annual Fee & Wage Survey

For the past 13 years, DPA has conducted the annual Wisconsin and Upper Michigan fee & wage survey as a service to the dental community. We thank all those practices who participated in this year’s survey! We are pleased to announce that the results have been issued. If you participated and did not yet receive your results, please contact Susan at sstackhouse@dentalpracticeadvisors.com and she will help you.

Fall 2014 TOP 10 Evening Series – Reserve Your Seat Today!


1. Top 10 Branding Tips to Make Your Practice Look Good

2. Top 10 Ways to Build a High Performing Team

Register by September 26, 2014! CLICK HERE for Registration Form.


This double TOP 10 session includes tips and techniques that will help you, your team and your patients experience your practice in a positive, enthusiastic way. In this session, you will learn:

• Tips for attracting and retaining patients with effective branding and marketing strategies.

• Techniques for boosting your practice using key leadership and talent management strategies.

• Effective ways to implement these strategies in your practice.


This TOP 10 session is offered on the following evenings:

Thursday, October 9, 2014 • Neenah, WI

Bridgewood Resort Hotel & Conference Center


Thursday, October 16, 2014 • Onalaska, WI

Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center


Thursday, October 23, 2014 • Sheboygan, WI

The Sheboygan Yacht Club


Time: 6:00 – 8:00pm | Cost: $79/Doctor or first attendee + $39/each additional staff member

Includes light dinner and lecture

(This lecture based session will be eligible for 1.5 continuing education credits (AGD Code #550 Practice Management & Relations.) Approved PACE Program Provider – #354463 FAGD/MAGD Credit Approval does not imply acceptance by a state of provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. 9/01/2013 to 08/31/2017)

Register by September 26, 2014! CLICK HERE for Registration Form.