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Dental Practice Advisors is a consulting firm that delivers comprehensive management support solutions to help you master the business aspects of your practice so you can focus on patient care, sustain a healthy work-life balance and achieve financial independence.





Dental Practice Advisors’ origins date back to the early 1990s when a Wisconsin dental laboratory began responding to their customer’s “non-clinical” needs with creative solutions.

The lab’s customers expressed the need for business support from professionals who really understood dentistry. On one end of the spectrum, their tax-focused CPAs knew very little about the economics of the dental office. On the other end, their large practice-consulting firms did not relate their efforts to changes in financial performance. Thus, neither option effectively tied it all together.

With that in mind our team worked with a pilot group of dentists for an entire year to develop an array of dental specific services that tied it all together – leadership, business systems and processes, and practice economics. Those extensive research and development efforts culminated in the 2001 formation of Dental Practice Advisors, LLC.

That unique customer-lab relationship fostered the evolution of DPA into a practice support firm that has served hundreds of dentists with a wide array of unique, dental-specific services.





You are the entrepreneur with a strong passion for what you do – you improve the oral health of your patients. Our role, as your strategic advisor and CFO, is to support those efforts. We guide you through the planning, key decisions and business processes that are vital to achieving your required business results.

To achieve long-term success we believe:

  • A teaching approach will help you become a more confident, independent, and well-rounded leader
  • Your team members are capable of contributing a great deal to your practice if they have proper guidance, systems and processes
  • You can achieve your goals with a formal business plan coupled with measurement and accountability
  • Accurate and timely operational and financial information is critical to your ability to manage your practice

Just as you allow your patients choice in their care, you can choose the level of service that is right for you.