2019 Annual Fee and Wage Survey NOW UNDERWAY

2019 Fee and Wage Survey Forms 

It is annual fee and wage survey time again!  2019 marks the 18th year that we have provided our annual survey of fees, wages and benefits as a public service to the dental community in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Maintaining appropriate fee and wage schedules is a significant factor in the overall financial success of your practice.  Our annual survey results provide a useful benchmark tool as you make important decisions about these key revenue and expense drivers.

We welcome new participants each year and appreciate the hundreds of doctors that have participated regularly over the past years.   For your convenience, we have added a fill-in survey form to our website and we look forward to including your practice data in our results this year!

 Participation is easy!

  1. Fill out the fee and wage/benefit pages by reporting data as of May 1, 2019. The forms are designed so that the fee page can be completed by one staff member and the confidential wage and benefit page can be prepared by a different authorized person.
  2.  Email, Fax or mail responses to us by June 17th.
  3. Receive your complimentary results by email in October 2019.  We will issue your reports to the email address(es) you provide on your survey form.

Compliance with Antitrust Laws:  State and federal law allows fee and wage surveys of this type to be conducted for dental offices by independent consultants provided that certain timing and reporting requirements are met.  Dental Practice Advisors’ data gathering and reporting process complies with these requirements.

Confidentiality:  All of your practice information will be held in strict confidence.

Thank you again for your participation.  The DPA Team is committed to helping you achieve the success you desire in your practice by providing the highest level of practice support.  Please feel free to call  Paula Meehl at 920-593-7250  with any questions.

Please download the forms before completing.

Fee Survey Download Wage & Benefit Survey Download